Here Comes HELEN HOME!

2017 is the year that New Bryce LLC gets serious about developing an Artificial Intelligence System intended to provide for a Household, or Home’s Occupants, evolving services for Well-being.

H.E.L.E.N. officially stands for:


What can I say? I am a child of the 60s/70s, and back then companies seemed to be obsessed with cute names that were acronyms of things (sometimes even acronyms of acronyms!) Actually, the translation of H.E.L.E.N. has changed over the years (I have had this Dream for at least 30 years.) So, we are locking it in at this. And, before there were enough generations to grow up with computers and digital tech… such technology was usually considered, “Electronic”.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is the name, Helen. It is intended to refer to inspiration from Helen Keller

Like Helen Keller, NBLLC HELEN HOME starts off without basic interaction abilities with the outside world. Deaf, blind, mute, et. al. And, like Helen Keller, NBLLC HELEN HOME will learn how to interact with the world outside of itself.

HELEN will use every viable means available to it to learn about the world, and specifically it’s specific Home and it’s Occupants, which it is responsible for. Responsible for their well-being, that is. Beyond that is rather out of it’s scope.

HELEN will also integrate with any system it feasibly can for the purpose of providing well-being to it’s Occupants. I have extensive experience with Systems Integration, and as long as a system offers an API, the possibilities are huge and ever expanding. The Smart Home technologies are an obvious early adoption target, but we will stay open to ANYTHING that will fit. We are very interested in Drones and Robotics. Transducers in general peak our interest. There is just so much out there, and it increases every year.

I will not share the internals of the HELEN system at this point. But, to give a hint, we are very interested in Swarm Intelligence. It is intended that the system will be distributed, and utilize parallel computing where appropriate.

HELEN HOME is the flagship product with a target of January, 2020. The current project, target for May, 2018, is HELEN IMHO. This will be little more than a Web interface to HELEN CORE that will display conclusions (or “Opinions”) to those interested, and provide an interface to allow people to help train HELEN. As much as feasible, HELEN will be self-programming.

Is there commercial viability for HELEN HOME? IDK. And, in some ways, I don’t care. These things, I do because I think they are Way Cool, and I want them for myself. Selfish, I know, but there you have it! LOL!

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