April 2016 Wazzup?

Wow! Lots of transitions and transformations going on…

Bellingham Vibrational Wellness Forum is Live! Although, definitely in Alpha Phase of Development. I am going to make some effort to make it active and useful. I still am not sure what I am going to do with Bellingham Vibrational Wellness LLC, there are so many potentials.

Don’t believe that Indie (small fry) Web SEO can be effective against the Internet Vigilantes (such as Google) without unreasonable investment. So, not going to brand my services that way anymore. But, with a lifetime of microcomputer experience and it’s offshoots such as the Web, I have a small core of Clients currently. But, am not promoting or seeking such Work.

I do have a renewed interest in Virtual Reality and what might be done with Vibrational Wellness in some kind of Cybernetic Feedback/Bio Feedback system(s). David Gibson of soundhealingcenter.com is doing some of that. And, Steam (the gaming site) is getting into VR Big Time! Which is very cool. Was surprised to see that Valve (the company that owns Steam) is based in Bellevue, WA. Which is where I grew up.

I have been getting more active on my eBay store, still named britedaybooksbiz, as I could list 90 more or so before maxing out what I am paying for the monthly fee. And, regardless, I do not intend to get rid of the store as I have had it since June of 1998. It is a Legacy, so to speak.

Been very interested in Matt Kahn lately. Even saw him live in Seattle recently.

What else? Well, plenty, but, this is enough for now. At least, it moves forward from March…

Stay tuned! Or, better yet, go to and post on the Forum: http://bellinghamvibrationalwellness.com/forum/

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