Bellingham Vibrational Wellness (LLC)

Let's Begin Bellingham Vibrational Wellness!

Let’s Begin Bellingham Vibrational Wellness!

Or, Bham Vibe Well! BVW? Looks like a car symbol! LOL!

Okay, here we go, March 21, 2016, going to establish Bellingham Vibrational Wellness. Still not sure WHAT B Vibe Well (hey! That might catch on.) is going to Be, I am still a little confused. I will not get into details here, as that will probably populate a lot of the NEW Forum on the Internet for Vibrational Wellness. Which brushes shoulders, so to speak, with Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, etc.

However, regardless of what the Future becomes for BVW, it keeps coming back to a “green light”, so to speak, for an Internet Forum. I just didn’t want to spend all that money and effort on something I was going to drop or not “feed”. It seems to be part of the Old Fart Computer Stories, in this era of a more mature Internet, is the old term, “Information Superhighway Road Kill”.

And, then, there is the battering and abuse that Search Engine Optimization is getting in recent years. I can expect nothing but animosity by the Internet Vigilantes, so, old habits die hard, but, I will not consider them worthy of my effort to bypass the barrier they are unreasonably attacking innocents with.

Anyhoo, I have been focusing a bit more on my few remaining domains and have a buttload of Sys Admin work to do on my 2 remaining Web Hosting accounts (1 of which I would like to decommission)

I still don’t know if I will establish the Internet Forum for Computer, Internet, and Web. So far the Vectors over the last year or so would say, “No.”, I will do the Work of my previous Career, but, there is no interest in promoting it or seeking Clients that don’t come to me.

Whereas, when it comes to Vibrational Wellness, I am such a Newbie! There is plenty of hunger there for more experiences. Although, as a so-called, “Gifted Healer”, so far it seems to be the kind that gets the ego out of the Way and just let’s Spirit drive, so to speak. Very Intuition driven. So, whatever I “Know” really has very little to do with it.

BTW, almost the only Niche Domain that I kept of the old 300, It has no glimmer of competing in the SEO market, but, I believe that laughter is such an important aspect to encourage, that I keep it as a Hobby, so to speak.

So, I might as well document what I am doing today for creating (Tip #1: always go for a .com if you can.)

And, although you can take a hit by having multiple domain names pointing to the same place (Tip #2: Has to do with Duplicate Content Penalties, I think.)

Let’s also register, if it is available. BTW, did you know that most of the Fortune in Domains is driven by hopefuls registering all kinds of domain names that will probably never even get a presence on the Internet? LOL! In the Frontier Days of the Web, I would have registered most every permutation of those, the .net, .org, at least!, and, even tried out some .us and .info. But, I have done my Time as a Domaineer. At at this point, I am just building this Forum Site for the Purpose of Being my own Client.

Those two should be plenty and if someone wants to think they are going to exploit neighboring domain tags then, so what? Although, I doubt they will ever make anything off it, unless it is… Freaky Deaky, so to speak (what does that even mean? LOL!)

Okay, next is to pick a domain registar. For years I was using, because they were cheap and I owned over 150 domains, but, in recent years, I have not felt comfortable that they do not seem to accept the typical methods I use to purchase things on the Internet (Okay, so, I do have professional experience in what is being called, Cybersecurity, these days. But, I am not going to make Tips out of them, it is a whole other subject.)

One possible Fun Vector of the website might be a resparking interest in Virtual Reality and how that might be used for Cybernetic Feedback to drive Vibrational Wellness Devices.

So, I only have one domain left with Moniker. And, because I am not interested in shopping around for a new Vendor (there once was dozens of them) I am falling back to GoDaddy, which I was a Fan of before they went Public and the CEO went Crazy. Well, to fund all that Fun costs money, and they became the expensive alternative. And, they still are. So, my per domain costs has just gone up. Oh, well.

March 28th, 2016 – Other priorities interrupted this Hobby intended to Vector towards a Professional Career. So, we are just now getting to actual registration, but, it has been a good thing, because the choice of domain names is better refined. Currently, we want,, and,

First, some due diligence, that is, check out these words on the Internet currently according to the Monopoly, Google. passes. LOL! It does not even exist on the Internet! In 25 years of Internet use, I have never seen such an unused or unindexed term! I LOVE IT! I STAKE MY CLAIM! passes too. This assumes that noone is squating on any of them…

To GoDaddy…

Okay! Good deal none of them had any conflict. So, they are ours. Now, need to point the landing page to our web hosting, which means setting them up on (confirm that it is being decomissioned). Now, where did I leave that cPanel?

Darn! Any decent cPanel use to have install script packages for free, along with a bunch of the typical offerings in Free Software Systems. But, it all looks greedy and not much free about it. Just trying to get their marketing hooks into you. Blahg!

So, I can go get the software from the Producers or Distributation Points, but, IDK…Haven’t had to do that for many years. Stupid Vendors when they get rid of the few good features they had. I wanted a blog such as WordPress as the home page, but, then Forum software under that.

Let’s see what the most popular is and any security issues. Had a very bad experience with Drupal where some Terrorist Hackers got in and wreaked my portfolio of domains. And, I only installed Drupal to check it out, never even used it!
… Have the domains registered, and hosted, have WordPress on, but the other two will have to wait, cuz my real intention has to do with a Forum System, and if the Webhost Vendor isn’t providing it any more, then, I will have to “go to the street”, so to speak…

Going with Simple Machine 2.0 on, but, it does not want to connect d with the database, so, later, I guess.

March 30th, 2016 — Going to take another try with the SMF 2.0 install. Tough if it refuses to connect to the database, but often these things are a matter of syntax. Typically, how a web host vendor makes a shared server, uh, sharable, is to prefix all your databases with something that should be unique to your account, such as the account name. Does this need to be part of the configuration, or is it implied and automatically added for you? It depends on the software, and as I have often said, “It is all arbitrary, until someone makes a decision.” And, if you are not privy to what that set of decisions was, then you are left with figuring it out experientially. Welcome to the World of Systems Engineering.

So, rather than bash our head on that wall, let’s begin today with RTFM (Read The Manual!) Always a last resort, I know, but, it has it’s place.

Created email accounts for the 3 new domains for user “info”, as general contact mailboxes. Resolved the issue with Filezilla. User error, I was using an old password and not noticing the new one I had documented. LOL! That is how easy it is to get confused in these things. But, now we have powerful abilities to manipulate the file system without cpanel. And, I begin by wiping everything I have already put there. WordPress too!

Okay! … we have the SMF 2.0 Installer populating the database…

Your settings have now been saved and the database has been populated with all the data required to get your forum up and running. Summary of population:

Created 63 tables.
Inserted 779 rows.
is what it says… Ha! Yay!

Congratulations, the installation process is complete!

Let’s test drive this things!

Check it out, if you are brave enough! LOL! Remember it is in Alpha phase and needs configuration before it is even in Beta phase, so, use at your own risk, and boilerplate type agreements are built in my our Terms of Use or Terms of Service. If it isn’t on this site yet, it will be. I have built hundreds of web sites, I know what kind of stuff needs to be there.

Bellingham Vibrational Wellness Forum in Alpha Phase

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