David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles

I spent 3 weeks in Nov/Dec 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah. The “Function” or “Service” they put me to included Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. They run about 50 websites altogether, and are active on YouTube, etc.

I created 5 consulting documents for them, spanning from an overall Internet Marketing Plan, or Suggestions, through to YouTube SEO specifics and details for how their Video Editors should be publishing YouTube videos. This is significant, because they will sometimes upload half a dozen in a day! David travels all over the World doing satsang and talks, and most of it is recorded, then offered on the Internet.

These people are deeply serious about A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and I am a serious Student too. If you have any such interest, check them out!

If you are looking for some kind of reference on me… I worked with:

Rev. Jason “JP” Press
E-mail: jasonpress@livingmiraclescenter.org
Phone: +1 914-954-7414
Skype: jasontpress

Rev. Cody Hyman
E-mail: cody@livingmiraclescenter.org

Rev. Jutta Duncan
Contact Jutta at jutta@livingmiraclescenter.org


Michael was the main one on SEO and YouTube SEO. The others had more to do with I.T. Support and troubleshooting or consulting on various items.

Very educational experience! Turns out that YouTube SEO IS a different animal, so to speak, than Google SEO. Similar, but takes it’s own special care and handling.

And NOW YouTube Search Engine Optimization is added to my extensive Expertise. Are you doing YouTube? You should, you know.

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