Dr. Judy Chiasson and the Vision Project

That is the plan!

That is the plan!

Judy is a Doctor of Acupuncture

and Oriental Medicine, owner of Healing Touch Acupuncture in Bellingham, Washington. The Vision Project is just getting started and Judy is still formalizing the Projects plans and progress, but it is BIG! She wants to create a huge network of people and groups, nation-wide, that will collaborate and innovate on the matter of healthy foods and diet over high medical bills and disease. It is intended that people such as Michelle Obama and Deepak Chopra will be involved.

It has been almost a year

since Judy first consulted with me, and here Intentions are beginning to bare fruit. The web site (which unfortunately already shows damage from Internet Vigilante attacks) is The Vision Project

How do I fit in?

Well, so far, as a Technical, or Solutions, Consultant, but, she has gone with someone else for the direct Web Mastering. That is okay, I mostly do this work because of my incredibly extensive experience in the subject, my “promoted” direction of effort is focused on Vibrational Wellness. They are using me as kind of a Consultant to the Consultant thing. Judy is also regularly using my more mundane expertise in Computer Support. My background in these things are so strong that I enjoy putting them to use and having them valued. But, again, it is not where my focused effort currently lies.

Oh, and I have recently,

gotten “on-board” with what her Vision promotes… Gluten Free for 26 days! And, migrating to an Organic diet as I find feasible. Sourcing affordable food, and letting it sink in that the cheaper stuff IS NOT FOOD, has been getting the most attention.

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