Sandy Levey-Lunden and On Purpose Live Like You Mean It

Sandy Levey-Lunden is a Life Coach and a dazzling list of other credentials. On Purpose is her main business, based in Bellingham, Washington. However, she teaches about a dozen different courses in the US, England, Scotland, and Sweden. As well as other places occasionally. She has about half a dozen websites for various projects or purposes, and has been tasking me to use my expertise in bringing as many new students to her sites as possible.

We are just getting started, so, not much to see, and plenty to be done. However, I am sure she would encourage you to become one of my Clients, if you care to ask for a reference from her: 360.527.2796, or

If you are interested in A Course In Miracles (ACIM), you definitely should check out her website!

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