December 2015 Updates

Okay, so, it has been a couple of months since I have updated this site. Primarily, that was because the Internet Vigilantes such as Google and Webroot have so demoralized me on the current status of Independent Search Engine Optimization, that it isn’t even worth the “Little Guy”, or low budget effort, to even bother.

And, now I have seen it attacking others, so, it seems to have an inexpensive shared webhosted account is DEATH by those who consider themselves Police of the Internet adhering to some imagine and unofficial Laws, and hurting Innocents by condemnation based on imagined scenerios, without any due process of validation.

LOL! Yikes! Sounds like my Divorce that in currently happening! No, really. Unfortunately. Don’t get me started. Long story, and believe me, you will be sorry you asked..

Okay, so, I have not checked or verified, but, I suspect the only traffic my blog will get is that which I have somehow pointed to, like with my contact card. I hadn’t been doing much point to it, because I was going to migrate to another of my servers, and add domains, etc. but, there has been some confusion of how aggressive I should pursue my current direction(s).

So, if you are here, I have probably directed you here with something like, “If you want to know more about me, check out my web site.”

There is nothing here to impress you. It isn’t intended to impress you. However, I have background, experience, expertise, interests, etc. that may be of interest to you. If so, I like to help and am always willing to talk. I try to stay open to new opportunities.

I haven’t been doing much direct Computer/Web stuff for Clients, but, seem to more be fitting into a Role of Consultant to the Consultants sort of thing. I am enjoying this, as I can mostly just dredge up Advice from my experiences over the last 12 to 30 years, and share my Insights. But, don’t have to do the actual “Work”. LOL!

No, I am not Lazy, unfortunately, I Do suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And, my Diabetes is being a challenge to manage. And, my Heart Trouble symptoms are acting up, which probably means those 4 stints put in 10 years ago are getting clogged up again. IDK.

Anyhow, THAT is my current focus and intention of the next few months: CURE MYSELF OF DIABETES!!!

It has become a matter of Survival. So, what am I doing these days? Trying to Survive. And, not much else.

And, if I can cure myself of my Ailments, then, as a Gifted Healer, I really have something to share with other people. If I cannot even heal myself, then how can I claim to offer such to others professionally?

Unfortunately, it has occurred to me that as I am in a transition of a Lifetime of Computer/Internet/Web Wizardry professionally, to that of Vibrational Wellness professionally. I am really just a beginning Student of the latter, and little interested in continuing with the former.

There is an exception though. If someone wanted to hire me to Administer and/or Engineer, Sharepoint Online/ Office 365 ( SPOL/O365). I have ceased my education in this skillset, but am willing to learn it and master it if the demand was there. Over the next few years, there should be an overwhelming demand for Sharepoint Administrators and Consultants as the “Cloud” offering from Microsoft opens up a highly popular information system previous exclusive to Mid to large organizations, now is a viable option to Small Business.

But, what Small Business is going to find out is that if is hard to find those with expertise in SPOL, or possbily even someone who is willing to work on it!!! Also, that magic mix that Microsoft brings to Information Technology (IT)… Suckering the Customer into thinking the system is easy and intuitive, and then once they have made an investment into the new system, they find out that they need someone focused on the system. A Specialist even. And, if that isn’t the Business Owner or a relative…. Well, again, is this you? If so, let’s talk and see how I can help you.

I can educate you on SPOL/O365, and my experience with Microsoft includes their whole corporate history. I even grew up where it was founded. But, I am not going to promote and sell anyone on it.

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