F150 available to Friends

An Epiphany of the Day has been that I should keep my 2010 Ford F150 rather than trade it in for a Yaris or some subcompact. You see, the transition of 2015 was to go from living on country acreage to more of an urban lifestyle. Numerous times, in 2015, Friends and Friends of Friends (Wow! Sounds like the Marketing Plan I developed for Computer Friends back in 1992. BTW, that was also a pre-historic and pre-web version of what decades later would be called, “Viral Marketing”)

Anyway, as I figure Indie SEO is dead and there is no point in trying to cater to Google or Webroot (see elsewhere on this site if you don’t know already), so, that means if you are reading this (“Mr. Bond”, LOL, JK), likely you have come from one of my promotional materials, which is mostly currently just a contact card I had made up till I could figure out my complete Marketing Plan and how I was going to Brand myself and Enterprises.

What I am doing here, you see, is to explain why I am even bothering to post on my blog about this. Hey! Want to hear a Joke with a Jab? One of my Favorite Bosses once told me, “Ask Bryce the time and he will tell you how to build a watch.” Ouch! LOL! IDK. Hey, what can I say, a large portion of my Career involved the Roles of Engineer (of various titles), and Systems Analyst.

So, if you are still reading, you are either an existing Friend, or someone interested in going in that direction. Perhaps, been referred from one of my Friends. You tell me! Why are you reading this?

Well, the point is, if you are someone I know, I guess could be put that way, my truck is available for hauling. So far, that has amounted to picking stuff up from yard sales, or moving stuff too and fro storage, but, there was an interesting gig involving helping fulfill order for his Roadside Assitance which he was a Provider to Outsourcing for something like AAA. Usually, appreciative Friends donate something, at least to help cover gas if not my time and resources. LOL! That is how I have described my situation for years… I may not have cash, but, I have “Resources”.

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