February 2016 Opportunity Abounds!

That is the plan!

That is the plan!

Even though it is still Winter,

and sometimes February can be the worst of it, I feel a shift towards Spring and the seasons of activity beyond.

I feel poised

on the edge of diving in to Things. Yet I still do not have satisfactory clarity on what my Incoming Generating Source (IGS) will be. The Vision Project has been utilizing more and more of my Computer type skills. I am very much in a Student phase of my New Career of Vibrational Wellness Practitioner.


021416 My old laptop is Out! And, I have a new laptop. Yikes! Learning what I took for granted in the way of account configurations and local drive content… *sigh* Don’t even have my email up and going yet. Well, I have been very sick lately and not much more than surviving has been of any interest.

So, along with this means that I have given in to Microsoft’s Windows 10. Although, in my Defense, I did take a long hard look at geting a Chromebook and converting my usage to Linux. But, I am still too much of a chicken, and do not want to get off on some geekish distraction… but, it may already be too late!!!

So far, this new laptop has been very annoying. Someone… Microsoft, HP (It is an HP Envy, no less!), the graphics vendor, IDKW! Thinks it is a feature to show off it’s zooming from the mousepad,,,, WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO USE IT AS A MOUSE!!!

So, the screen is constantly enlarging and shrinking and sometimes so small to be miniscule. I am sure (I am hoping!) there is some place to reconfigure it or turn it off, but, so far it has not been obvious or intuitive.

I can barely read this because the resolution capabilities of the screen allows them to think they are impressing me. No! One set screen resolution! If I need to zoom or whatever, I can make that happen. IT IS NOT A FEATURE to constantly be doing it during normal use! Arg! Developers drive me Nutz! And, I know, I use to be one. JK. Or, am I?

So, so far, the new laptop is as frustrating, if not more, than the old laptop, and a heck of a lot less functional. Although, providing much of the demand for my Services when I was doing such as Systems Engineering, it still is a Pet Peave of mine that Vendors cannot get past the Insanity of Requiring their Customers to expend time, energy, and maybe expense, merely to compensate for what some misguided Vendors considers a “Feature” and “Competitive Advantage”. And, that is at the root of it. Any Organization promoting it’s “Products” is looking for “Competitivie Advantage”. If your are not Waxing, you are Waning. Or so it seems to most.

It looks like SharePoint Online/Office 365 has a 2016 version, and so I am finding out what I don’t like about that.

Anyway, what really motivated me to add to my blog here (before FaceBook, there were Blogs!) was that, lately, I have been resisting the urge to give into my Geekish Proclivities that years ago had me experimenting with Sitepal (for the Text to Speech, and avatar), LAMP, AI. Knowing full too well that I do not have the time to invest in such projects, just so I will have my Psuedo-Executive Assistant available. And, here might be a Feature of Windows 10 which I could actually use! CORTANA!

Cortana is promoted as a User’s Assistant in searching and app launch or interaction (hmmm, combined with Mech Turk?). It should be close to ubiquitous as Microsoft has such a Monopoly. Although, this may be in error. Microsoft has tried many things before… anyone remember MS Agents? They were cute and fun, and I played around programming them some. But, where are they now? Even the paperclip is gone! LOL!

Anyhow, problem with Cortana Development? It is Microsoft. So, likely to program and run it would require like a Microsoft Developers Network Subscription, or something. And, when possible, I favor LAMP. And, if you don’t know what that is, this is a good point to move on to other things…

I am still on the cusp of launching: “Bellingham Vibrational Wellness” aka “BhamVibeWell”. aka BVW and the “BhamVibeWell Lounge” aka “Wellness Lounge”.

Ironically, it may end up initially being located in Anacortes, WA! LOL! Oh, well. I moved from Anacortes to Bellingham a little over a year ago… I seem to be getting increasing indications that either a Return may occur or a kind of hybrid Practice which includes B’ham and Anacortes in most weeks. Well, I wouldn’t be the first, I know of some others who span both communities on a weekly basis.

And, although, I like the idea of a more local focus such as Bellingham (Although, Fairhaven has a nice ring), I want to be open to go where Opportunity Calls, within the Pacific Northwest preferrably.

The other thing that is holding up making BVW Live, so to speak, is that I need to straighten out my web hosting and domains. I still intend to provide a Forum for Vibrational Wellness. And, hope to make mine thrive, unlike what little I have found on the Web.

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