Hello 2016!!! LOL!


New Years Day 2016

OMG! This is putting a crimp in my Goofing Off! I am being flooded with Ideas and Potential Opportunities! And, as I drill-down and think about things… Wow! My Life is so FULL of opportunity and plenty that COULD be done. But, I do tend to be ADHD so, need to be careful what gets time and attention.

One of the things that

has “cooled my jets”, so to speak, regarding Internet efforts is the blatant Internet Vigilante action that is so damaging at this time. It is not a far stretch to say, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is DEAD!”, for the “Little Guy” anyhow. So, if you are thinking of increasing your business, or even building a business, based on the Old School traffic from Search Engines… forget it. Unless you expect to invest relatively large sums of money and effort in the Program, the Internet Vigilantes such as the Monopoly Google will bar you from entry or optimization. Why? Because they have set themselves up as the Internet Police and enforce “Laws” or “Rules” without regard to your innocence or not. They make unwarranted and damaging assumptions. Einstein is often quoted as saying: “Make things as simple as possible… but, NO SIMPLER!” The current situation is largely a result of over simplification. Typically, an oversimplified systems is a BROKEN system. But, who is going to hold the Attackers responsible? You? Me? I doubt it.

Okay, so, that is what

mostly has thrown a wrench into many of my plans of 2015. The futility of trying to buck city hall, so to speak. It is a real shame as it is totally contrary to the original founding of the Internet. It is that time in history, where the “Big Fish” are taking over and tyrannically ruling the Internet. That is right, the problem of corruption has arrived! Oh, well, such is the World that we allow to happen. And, it goes on, mostly due to Ignorance. Money may be a driver of the World, but, Ignorance is what allows it to move as it does. IMHO. Your mileage may vary. LOL! IDK.

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