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my story

my story

IDK. LOL! (That is what I want for my epitaph)

If you were to listen to my first hand-reading (which I don’t think has been uploaded yet), you would find out that it indicates what I have been doing for the last 30 years will not take me much further without great effort and strain. And, it has been a “journey” to discover what form my current and future efforts will take.

I have not been worrying about this website for many reasons. One of the biggest is that I am not actively seeking Clients, so chances are if you have come here and are reading, it is because you have met me and want to find out more about me. I am not a big fan of Facebook and Social Networking for personal use. Which may seem strange, because what I have been doing for the last 12+ years has been very intense in Internet Marketing and Online Sales. In fact, my “official” business is suppose to be Web SEO Consultant. And, before that, for 18+ years I was very intense in an Information Technology Career that touched just about all aspects of that term.

At one point over the last few years, I had branded myself as “Bryce Howard the Wizard of Computer/Internet/Web”. That was because it occurred to me that I can make just about any project a Client was interested into a Reality as if by Magic. Yes, I know and have done that much. But, unfortunately, my heart isn’t much into it these days. Still will to do it, if it Flows and I want to help the people or organization involved. But, I am not going to try and convince anyone. If you prefer fluff and promotion over expertise, go ahead and spend your budget elsewhere.

So what AM I about these-days? Well, a very powerful personal transformation. And, I will not get into the details, as it is, uh, personal. However, recently, it seems to me that the form my current profession or career is taking can best be described as “Vibrational Wellness”. So, I think I am going to start using this website to journal or make available my interests and findings in those matters.

LOL! The other night in a group, we were doing some kind of experiential exercise involving a stone and giving up an unwanted belief. We paired up with a partner. At the end, my partner thanked me, and I spontaneously replied, “It is what I do.” OMG! She replied, “Oh! Are you a Professional?”

Well, my first thought was, “a Professional what?” I related some kind of jokes about Professional doesn’t always mean getting paid, and said something like, “Yeah, I guess I am.” LOL! She seemed to get an awful lot out of the exercise she was all glowing and related what I had done to the group. Cool. IDK. I was just Being.

So, that is mostly how I spend my days… exploring the concept of Vibrational Wellness. Been doing quite a bit with Crystals over the last 6 months. We have a fantastic Crystal shop here in Bellingham and I will post a link sometime. The prices are great! Mainly because the owner cuts out the middle man and even does wholesale.

I learned in my I.T. career that people don’t care much about your experience, education, or whatnot, but what gets things moving is
CERTIFICATION. And, anytime I get involved in something, I go deep and gain some kind of expertise. At one point, I estimated that I was one of the most highly certified Microsoft Certified Professionals in the World. In fact, I lead our company in the, then new, Microsoft Solutions Provider program, and had the job title of Solutions Engineer (before MS was using such terms). Anyway… LOL!

There is a Lady in Hawaii that looks promising for this goal…. got her book coming from Amazon and it is a prerequisite anyway, so, a good start.

I LOVE Singing Bowls, and have recently acquired a KICK-ASS bowl (again, as and if I get more active on this website, I will post links) that is certified as being circa 17th century (that is over 300 years old!) and playing it is so POWERFUL, I describe it as like trying to ride a stallion (not that I ever have, mind you.). The “bell tone” (what I call striking a bowl) is the crown chakra, and the “singing tone” (what I call the rimming sound) is the heart chakra, and has at least 3 noticeably tones or harmonics once it really gets going. It is precious and I fell in Love with it the first day. It’s name is, “Buddha’s Grace”, and it’s preferred mantra is, “Om mi to fo”, which you find a lot in those chinese shoalin movies and the sub-titles say it means, “Buddha’s Blessings”. Well, it makes sense… “Tibetian Singing Bowl”… Duh.

LOL! Okay, enough for now. If you want to know more… talk to me!

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