It is May!

So, what is up with New Bryce currently? Well, I have some Branding commissioned from a Guy on Fiverr. Paid extra for 5 days instead of 28, should be about due.

Yew Home! That is what I am calling my Intended Group Home(s) for Orphaned Low Functioning Autistics. I have found the Perfect Property for the first one, and it is on Yew Street. Thus, the name. However, I think it has a nice ring to it anyway. I haven’t tried to research “Yew” as a metaphor, but, I suspect it would fit.

This place is Fantastic! Excellent location. 9+ bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, a MIL building in back with attached greenhouse, large garage, and a 1000 sf unfinished basement!

And, the price is a bargain with the current market. But, alas, I do not currently have $450,000 available and the Seller will not take an Owner-will-carry.

Thought about creating an LLC and offering shares to Investors who wanted like a 4% return, but, not sure if that would be worth the effort.

Bellingham Vibrational Wellness LLC is growing some, as we are in Alpha Phase of the new Forum. And, I have been targeting the upcoming Mystical Winds Holistic Fair in Bellingham on May 14th.

And, created a listing via my eBay store, for giving Card Readings with a Selenite Heart Crystal. Don’t expect much of a response. But, it launches my Card Reading Services as something Professional.

Bellingham Water Brewery refuses to stay totally on the back burner. But, I am experimenting with making Ginger Water. And, am on the cusp of starting Silver Colloidal Water production.
Keep thinking how great that MIL suite at Yew Home would make for the Water Brewery initially.

What else? Well, been doing CSL Laundry Love on Tuesdays, and will be again today. It is a Center for Spiritual Living Program, where for 2 hours a week, Homeless people can come into a participating laundry mat and we pay for the running the machines and giving them soap, so they can was their clothes. It is wildly successful! But, whoa-fully under funded.

We are brainstorming and seeking funds to keep this Program going. Unfortunately, the word from the Grant Writer is that they want to see sustainability. Like if we were building or buying a laundry mat for this purpose, rather than just paying Living Expense.

Evidently, money to just Live is hard to come by in the Donation Community, IDK.

My eBay store has been getting increased activity, and I maintain it as a Product Testing and Outlet for whatever I can source profitably.

Computer/Internet/Web Consulting is still ongoing. But, I don’t seek Clients, and it is not much part of my New Vector in Life.

Ready to create my 2016 Custom Limited Edition Mala Necklace. Currently, I am planning on making 4, but one will be the prototype that I use a Guinea Pig, so to speak.

The Cards kept wanting me to write poems and such. Well, today I did one and will publish it here as a post. I think it will be called, “As if by Choice” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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