It is time to move into Categories on WordPress

cropped-hotei1.jpg One of the subject that you will be able to find interesting info on here at New Bryce is on WordPress. I have embraced it as the Preferred Content Management System for the Internet, IDK, for a long time, maybe 12 or more years. IDK.

And, my 150+ domains were all running WordPress. For me, in starting up a new website, or migrating a Legacy Site to WP (always my First Recommendation), WP is a given.

Anyhow, has been a work in progress, from the ground-up, and now beginning to document the Journey for others to benefit from.

At this time, it is appropriate to start a bit (only a bit, mind you) of focus on “Categories”, and possibly tags and on into the Current Fad of Hashtags.

At this point, I had removed the categories and tag cloud stuff I use to love on the right side bar, as there is some confusion over the current Best Practices of SEO. Previously, such tactics would be favorable. But, again, it is a moving target because Internet Vigilantes keep trying to Police the Laws that they are choosing to Enforce. Wow! There is an Epiphany! We think the Internet is so Evolved, but, really we are more like in the Wild West Web, or something. (Did I just coin a new term? IDK. LOL!)

Just created a new category to put this post under…

Old Fart Computer History = Brain Farts from a Brain that has seen the Beginnings of Microcomputers on through to the Present Day in a most Intimate Way.

Might be a bit crass, but, that is what I feel about it at the moment. LOL!

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