November 2016 It is all about Vibrational Wellness

Moldavite. My Precious. I have recently aquired a 45+ gram piece of rough Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Along with many interesting and powerful crystals, stones, and metal (including a 1 lb ball of Zinc!) And, the 3rd addition to my Antique Tibetian Singing Bowl Collection, of which it is a requirement that the item be older than 300 years. LOL! What Fun!

There are so many reasons to get an antique singing bowl over a more modern creation, but, also most of the common singing bowls are just pure crap. And, my source,, is a guy who spends half the year in Nepal going through thousands of bowls, selecting only the best for his shop in California. This last message from him, he stated that he was sending from “his second home” in Nepal. I replied that he should find me some more items for my Collection, but they need to be older than 300 years! LOL! He does have one from the 16th century for sale, but, this last go around, I spent most of 48 hours considering the, maybe, dozen candidates to reduce it down to 3 and finally picked the new addition from the 17th century (that’s a lot of Buddhist chanting and Ritual Washing!) Maybe I will share my Collection online sometime. IDK.

I continue to learn about Vibrational Wellness, and have been considering adding VoiceBio ™ to my Bag of Tricks, uh I mean, TOOLS! The question I have been pursuing is… If I can determine the strengths and weaknesses in the frequency of a voice then I can do my own mapping to chakras and such for treatment. Treatment is different than diagnosis.

With a background as a Software Developer, it is hard not to give into the, “I can build that!”, and the old “Build it” VS “Buy it Off the Shelf”, so to speak. When I was full time developing systems in the early 90s, we were so innovative that often there was nothing suitable on the shelf, so to speak. So, we developed it. But, by the time we were in Production, say 6 months to a year later, there usually was something. LOL! There are pitfalls for both strategies, and I have seen it bite Software Development many times over the decades. Unfortunately, it contributed largely to the failure of the start-up I use to work for before going Self-employed. Oh, well. Say-La-Vee. Or, to put it in the frame of my favorite Joke of recent years, “It seemed like a Good Idea at the time.” LOL! Anyway, paying for VoiceBio(tm) would be a “Buy Off the Shelf” path, but, may well be worth it. It remains under consideration.

Another interesting exploration, and related, I am currently, uh, exploring is… frequency matching. I want to find software I can integrate (most of my Career involved Systems Integration) Today I am shopping on eBay for Crystal Singing Bowls, the ones I have found locally are so incredibly expensive that I am revisiting the much more risky, but cheaper option of buying from China. So, I have been playing around with this great online tone generator,, and testing things like the Moldavite F singing bowl video included with the listing.

And, what did I discover? That it is actually 329 Hz which is an “E”. Darn! These Chinese Sellers are so untrustworthy as it is, but to find even more evidence… very disappointing.

Anyway, for my purposes, it was very educational. I find that when you have matched the frequency, the sound source(s) are indistinguishable. You can stop and start either and it is not really noticable! Cool!

However, when it is off, even by 1 or 2, there is a warbbling, so to speak. It seem to be out of phase, I tested another listing by the same Seller (I suspect most of them are the “same” Seller with new account to avoid negative feedback stigma) thinking that maybe they are using the same video for all similar listings regardless of advertised tone.

No, this one matched 324 Hz, which is also an “E”, which is what the listing was for. Now, 324 or 329, whats a few hertz amongst friends, right? But, it DOES make a difference! That warbbling effect is very noticeable.

Unless the problem is in the online tone generator and limitations of a computer. If this is so, I had better realize that sooner rather than later, as much of my upcoming research is going to be based on such a tool.

And, that is an area I need to determine to my satisfaction at some point… Electromagnetic associated sound or vibrations, vs manual or acoustical generated vibrations. To wit, electronics involved such as a speaker output from a computer or player, as opposed to tuning forks, singing bowls, voice toning, et. al. This is such a large field of inquiry that I will try to avoid going on much more about it here.

BTW, I do not pursue much more in the Vector (direction and motion) towards the use of tuning forks, because the vibration does not last long enough and it take extreme, non-ergonomic, effort to keep generating the vibrations.

I have brainstormed some about maybe hooking up an electrical device to invoke them, but, then we get back to the electromagnetic (potential) issues that should be addressed beforehand.

On the Water Brewery Front, so to speak, I was watching some YT (YouTube) videos on making Moldavite Water. And, what I noticed reinforced a Big Question I have regarding Water Brewery, namely the plastic vs glass (or better yet, crystal!) debate. Yeah, when you use plastic, we end up back in the the electromagnetic concerns, and when dealing with (subtle) energies it DOES make a difference.

I have also run into this with my explorations into Metals. I am interested in buying some silver. But, the value of silver is so high that the Seller’s encase your purchase in plastic. To preserve their guarantees of authenticity and such. For my purposes, this is unacceptable, as the plastic blocks the vibrational energy of my interests. Well, the solution is, of course, for me to remove the plastic after it arrives. Thereby accepting that the item is weakened for resale value. Perhaps, not a big deal if I never resell them. However, when we discuss Gold or Platinum, then the stakes are much higher.

Well, that is enough rambling for now. I still have some attention on Bellingham Vibrational Wellness Forum, but the Russian Hackers continue to try to abuse the site, so I don’t know if the effort to grow it into a functioning forum is worth it.

I am not to the point of trying to Teach Vibrational Wellness, nor sell anyone on the idea. However, I continue to Explore, Educate myself, and Research anything related. Copper has been getting a lot of my Attention lately. Love the stuff! LOL! Enjoy! Have Fun!

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