October 2016 It has been awhile


Wow! I have neglected this site

for a couple of months as I dealt with the finalizations of a Divorce from a 31 year Marriage, and the Passing of my 90 year old Mother. And, I was incredibly ill and disabled. But, now, I seem to be back in the saddle, so to speak. Full of Potentialities and miraculously seem to have the Fire-in-the-Belly that is so important to a Man, and I thought long gone with my Youth. LOL! Feeling Great and cannot wait to move forword with my many Visions!!

If so inclined,

please join me. I apologize as this site does not look very impressive. Surprise! It is not intended to impress. Primarily it is here for my own use, and secondarily as a place to point people to if they want to find out more about me. It should suffice because I am never about forcing anything, and for whatever reason you are turned off by me. That is fine, go away. I have plenty of very powerful capabilities to share, but only if it Flows. And, there is always more opportunity to tap into.

You see, regardless of what you think

or believe, you probably need me, more than I need you. However, I am always open, and have often say, “We can always talk.” Although, over the decades, this HAS gotten me into Trouble! LOL! Like my breif stint as Marketing Director (with plans to develop it into Vice-president of Marketing) at Computer Friends crica 1993, Hoooboy! Those were some weeks of a knotted stomach when I found out what I had stuck my nose into. Well, Life Lessons, right? LOL!

So, because of this incredible Lady:

put link to Kristie Wolfe videos and webiste.

I am now back on FaceBook.

But, it didn’t seem to want any of my old accounts, so coming on it fresh. Maybe I should look myself up on FB… IDK. Anyway, because of trying contact this Wonderful Soul, I am also on Airbnb using the new FB account. I hate FB, but, it is a personal thing involving trauma caused by my ex-wife. Long Story, personal, and let’s move on. That is, Old Bryce. Surprise! Now you know where New Bryce LLC came from. Use to be branded as BriteDay Enterprises LLC with origins going back to 1984.

Yeah, I have been around a long time.

(For example, I remember farms across from Bellevue Square back in 1964!) And, have had a huge amount of valuable experiences and work. For example, over recent years, I have a renewed appreciation for my month long hitchhiking across America in 1976, and back at the age of 17. LOL! It did not even occur to me that I could be picked up as a “Runaway” until an Asshole Redneck Sheriff in Missouri put me in a jail cell where I had spent the previous night to sleep off a drunk, and said hi to the embarrassed deputy with “hi I am back!” greeting. Later same day, further north, I got picked up by another county’s sheriff and thought, “here we go again…” WRONG! He was the nicest guy and took me to the county courthouse where the Farm Commune people I need to connect up with were doing a painting contract. Wow! Every day was so powerful and intense. I am extremely grateful for the experience, and that I survived it, and for my poor parents who allowed it, but I WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN! To smart and experienced now. And, the Future isn’t as friendly to such things. When I got home and tried to related it to my friends, they just could not get it. They had been going to work each day and the month had been boring and uneventful.

In fact,

that month would have made a fantastic screenplay and no doubt been a winner in the 1970s flashback market, but, the 30 years dynamics (An Internet Marketing Theory I came up with circa 2001, ask me about it if interested.) has crept into the 1980s I think. Oh, well. There are a million stories. Mine are just a few of them that few know about, and probably less even care. But, I learned a lot.


a term that came to me as a teenager has resurfaced and I am reembracing: “Symbiotic Eclectic” What does THAT means? LOL! IDK. These things come to me and then I need to figure out what that means operationally. That is where Vibrational Wellness comes from. A little over a year ago, I had been working with Crystals in a mostly Intuitive fashion for about 8 months, and I had been told via handreadings and psychics that what I had been doing for 30 years was not going to take me much further without much difficult resistance. But, also that the new stuff was not going to be an easy transition, that at some point I would have to jump from here to there and Trust. And, so, that is what I am doing.

I am still willing

to do the kind of work that I have such extensive, advanced, and comprehensive experience in, but, my heart really isn’t in it. Years ago, I tried branding myself as Bryce Howard Wizard of Computer, Internet, Web. Yes, I am THAT GOOD, seriously. I estimate that over the decades I have troubleshot and problem solved more than a few thousand hardware and software system. Even developed more that a few of them. But, if interested, there are bits of info on this blog for you to find. Now, my Heart is in implementing my Vision, which I assure you is too advanced for you at this point, LOL! One hand reading states that it will not be understood what I was trying to do until many years afterwards. After what? IDK. Maybe my death. But, then another handreader (whom I was told was reputable. The newer one is a Grandmaster) said that my lifeline indicates that my Life Span is OVER 105 years (yikes! Can you imagine! Not necessarily a Good Thing) Of course, that is considering that I don’t let things like Addictions take me down prematurely. Which is the most recent Good News! Recently, the Addictions seem to be gone, and this time I don’t think they are coming back. I am having too much Fun pursuing my Visions. Again, if it feels right, please join me!


when I want to get to know someone further and pursue possible Business, or how I can connect people (one of the New Things I am suppose to be about, apparently), I invite the Target (Ha! Got you in my sights!) to Lunch. My Treat, of course. I value your Time.

If that is what

brought you here, shall we Move Forward? If not, thank you for your Time and Bless You.

Now, I guess,

I should fill in all the profile stuff on various accounts that I have neglected for so long… What a pain… Ray! I need you to get to Work ASAP! IDK. LOL! (epitaph)

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