Old Web Site with more details about me

Well, my old site DID have much more in the way of exhibits and history, but, it has been expired, and I am migrating off the old stuff anyhow. If it seems appropriate, I might republish some of it here. IDK yet. More about what I am doing right now than ancient history.

Suffice to say, over 30 years experience with Computers. Internet since 1992. Web from before it began. Internet Marketing and Online Reselling since June, 1998. Over 18 years of Professional Information Technology experience at some very high levels of responsibility. Had over 150 domains/web sites at peak of last 12 years efforts.

But, don’t know if Web SEO Consultant is a viable business model. There is so much more involved these-days. And, I can almost guarantee that most Clients are clueless as to what is needed to do it correctly.

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