Another Vintage Internet Marketing Experiment

ROFL! I Love it! Another of my video experiments for YT.

Pot Liquor Time Free Antioxidants For Everybody

5 years later and this is still a great tip video! I LOVE Pot Liquor! Haven’t made it much in recent years, but as a tonic, I have found none better! Enjoy!

Uploaded on May 24, 2011

Nettle gathering Son tells Dad how great the plant is for it’s Pot Liquor and Anti-oxidant properties.

BTW, on October 17, 2016, went to website suggested in video, and sure enough it looks like it has been hacked. I do not remember my ever being anything like zeromantis-whatever. More Information Superhighway (if you remember THAT blast from the Past!) Roadkill.

It is highly larryous My Vintage Internet Marketing YT Videos!

LOL! I got an email from YouTube today saying someone left a comment on one of my videos.

Now, I have not done anything with my YT videos in years… so, it was interesting. Not only did it play my initial attempt at A Wizard And His Dog (experiment), but, it followed with a purely IM experiment for one of my phone sites (I likely had over 150 domains at that point)

Smart Phones Discuss Free Reverse Cellphone Lookup

Surprised to see 92 subscribers for MrBriteday! Wonder if I bought them?

Well, as I fulfill my Intentions for YT moving Forward, maybe I should extend this legacy, instead of trying to ramp up a fresh account.

Wireless Comes At A Price

Electrosmog! The conundrum of our era: advances in technology yearn for wireless systems, but, it seems that these devices are harmful. And, how harmful? Is there an Antidote? Or, some way to counter the effects? That is what the iRMS bionic mat is designed for.

Perhaps, we will ponder this further at some time.