Springing Spring! Yay!


March 1st, 2016 and the birds are singing, trees are blooming, bees are buzzing, and bulbs are popping out of the earth. So far, it looks like the Pacific Northwest is getting a gentle winter easing into a gentle spring. And, a bit of Storm Energy is welcome too.

Like an opening blossom, I feel like I might be coming out of a winter devoted primarily to self-healing and learning first-hand what some of these Vibrational Wellness techniques can do.

I remain on the cusp of launching Bellingham Vibrational Wellness (bellinghamvibrationalwellness.com) as I am still some confused on how and why it all fits with, well, I guess we can call it, “My Life Purpose”.

I am unclear on how I am to earn money with it. And, if it is not my income source, then it might be a Hobby. Which is fine too. But, I need to establish some kind of income source over the next year or two.

Still have some Clients for my Computer/Internet/Web Services, but, not seeking to expand on it. My Heart just does not seem to be in it.

Revitalizing my eBay Store I have had since June of 1998. I have plenty of Vintage and sometimes very Collectible items to list, and my store membership allows for at least another 90 on top of the 33 or so currently in there. 120 Free Listings, is how it is put by eBay.

eBay name is still britedaybooksbiz, because when I update it, I want to be on top of any unexpected surprises. It is the Systems Engineer in me, I guess. I notice that parts of the eBay Store have been updated with New Bryce LLC, which is the replacement for BriteDay Enterprises LLC. When it comes to ID and Security, I get a lot more careful about things. Uh, not that I am not always careful, you know, ha-ha… LOL! JK.

Well, anyhow, plenty going on if I let it… more on Vibe Well would likely be posted here, except that I am kinda saving it for the BVWF (Bellingham Vibrational Wellness Forum)

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