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New Forums Damn The Torpedoes!

hotei2 I am swinging the Flag of a Free Internet (go Ubuntu!) and dang it maybe the Internet Vigilantes will keep anyone from the door (LOL! Anyone remember “door games” from pre-Internet?) , but I am going to install two new forums on MY Domain.

One for sharing my experiences with the Internet and maybe tips from my having been there at the start of microcomputers and my of my Professional Work has been with Computers/Internet/Web. I was using the Internet (thank you Tektronix!) a few years before there even WAS a WWW. Many were working on coming up with basically the same thing. Me, included. Not for Public Use, just my own tinkering.
LOL! If I end-up with enough valuable content, maybe I will make an eBook of it. Always the Publisher, that’s me. Even found some comix that I had Published as a teenager. Might scan them in someday. Pretty awful stuff, but, it IS Content that I explicitly Own without any doubts. Repurposing Public Domain Content is a Big Interest of mine also, but, it is hard to make it pay in volume

First Forum: New Bryce Computer Internet Web Forum

Second Forum: Vibrational Wellness Forum
Doesn’t seem to be one on the Internet. Although, maybe I have not looked close enough.

The Pure Heart on the Internet is about matching Demand to Supply. And, if that Supply does not exist, ask if it should and am I one to bring it?

This is the Entrepeneaur Mindset.