The Keys to Vibrational Wellness

heroshot1 Some thoughts running through my head recently, and I want to get them down for later review and exploration. We tend to use terms that when distilled down to their essentials reveals there is nothing there but the definition we have given it.Too deep? Okay, then. let me approach it from another angle…When we are in the context of Vibrational Wellness, our axiomatic unit seems to be the “frequency”. Approaching the subject as the Student I am, there is the attempt to identify specific, uh, identifierers such as a “frequency” of 528 Hz. (or, is that little ‘h’? I get those mixed up.) and map these to something. Hopefully, something useful. That is why organs, chakras, and various energy bodies are targeted. However, there is very little agreement on what specific frequencies do what, and to the extremes of a “Do Your Own Thing, It Is Too Personal and Yours Is Unique.” – sort of thing.

What we need here is a Paradigm Shift! Because, jumping forward of a bunch of explanations which hopefully aren’t necessary anyway, it is NOT about some specific frequency that can be punched like a button to cure something diagnosed (we won’t get into how or why here.)

There is a Symphony

going on. It is a music of frequencies seeking Harmony. It is in the Concordance, and the Discordance.

I have a crystal pyramid

hanging in my room. I try to get it going when I think about it, but, it was one of those eBay China purchases and didn’t really come with any specs on frequencies or tone or notes or whatever.


I have a new addition

to my bell collection. It is crystal with a clapper of a little glass pink bird. But, it is obviously designed so that the clapper hits more than one spot at a time! The multiple simultaneous strikes creates some interesting frequencies. I just don’t know what they are.


Actually, that was a recent acquisition. More recent was a set of 3 bells that I was walking in GoodWill, and not intending to look for bells and crystals, when I heard this ringing that attracted me. It was a lady testing a bell in the, uh, bell isle. She didn’t want them, but, there turned out to be 3 (or maybe 4) brass (I guess they are) bells with words on them like “Dinner”. They seem to be vintage items that were intended to be “calls for servants”, and had a different ring tone for each command! ROFL, I just love it. Wonder if they were ever used? Don’t know.

Which makes me think

of one of my first, if not the first, item in my collection. I would guess brass, in the figure of an old lady. It’s ring tone has always made me think it might be a good frequency. The figure is well worn. This one saw use!

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