The Only Month that Matches the Julian Date

I like the Julian Date System. Basically, it is the day of the year: 1 through 365. No fancy months to worry about.

And, January is the only month to have it’s date match the Julian Date. That is the 10th is also 10 in Julian. LOL! Not impressed? Then, maybe something else is going on here at the start of 2017.

2017 is going to be a major year for me and my efforts.

Vibrational Wellness. This is the umbrella statement which most other efforts are brought back to when feasible. Continuing to brand projects under, “Bellingham Vibrational Wellness”. There are three initiative Vectors of Intention.

First, the sister effort of Bellingham Water Brewery and ideas of crafting and charging water as an extension of Vibrational concepts. This is a seperate organization, but closely related. BWB is in the Development phase of personal use only.

Second, I am producing audio and video projects for publishing on such as YouTube. Again, these will be exploring some aspect of Vibraitonal Wellness. I do not expect to be able to compete in this niche on YT, but gotta do something.

Third, continue research and self-edification trying to answer certain questions and concerns to my satisfaction.

The two Biggest Questions that need to be asked are: 1) Does it make sense?, and, 2) Can we provide benefits?

The first is, is it valid? The second is, why bother?

On other fronts, I am going to infuse more attention into my eBay Shop, which I have finally renamed to “nbllcshop” from the “britedaybooksbiz” that it was since 1998.

And, there is still a bit of Computer/Internet/Web Consultant stuff to get done…

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