solfeggio frequencies

There are several frequency

sets of interest to a Vibrational Wellness Practitioner. One of the best and most important is the solfeggio frequencies. I am especially interested in 528 Hz, as this is for the Heart Chakra and called the “Miracle” frequency.

I have a tuning fork

for 528 that I use each day. I like this Online Tone Generator which let’s me invoke basically any frequency. I have been experimenting setting it to the same tone as playing on the “Solfeggio Harmonics” album that I listen to most days (sometimes more than once!). In fact, I have newly arrived, a 528 windchime from India off of eBay. It gets chimed when I go by, or the wind is about.

I apologize again,

Dear Reader, that these webpages are not prettier. But, this content and links are actually kind of bookmarks for my own use. That it offers someone a glimpse into my interests and going-ons is a side benefit.


I want to remember this link as a good reading on the matter.

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