Wazzup September 2015

When I went to access this domain this morning, my AV SW WebRoot blocked it as a Malware Site!!! WTF? I am looking into it. But, it is one of those pitfalls on the Internet these days. And, largely goes on with mostly ignorance by domain and web site owners. Sure these are safegaurds trying to make the Internet “Safe”, but, unfortunately, in my experience, it is more like The Vigilantes of the Internet. Gangs (companies, whatever) are setting themselves up as an Authority on the Internet and then condemning and attacking innocent parties with a “Guilty until proven Innocent” mindset. Unfortunately, the Injured Party (NOT the Internet at large) is likely not even aware of the Attack. And, make no mistake these attacks can be significant. Around 2009, I lost over $4,000 invested, and years of focused effort, by such an unwarrented Killing Blow.

What make these guys Internet God? Or, even the Police Force? Well, they did. Maybe I should set up Vigilante Force to monitor and attack the other Vigilante? Hmmmmm. No, wait! I am thinking about it. Naw, I have my hands full with the newer Vibrational Wellness stuff. Although, offering a Service via my Web SEO Consulting thing could be: “internet Presence Audit” Sure let’s do it! Take a Client’s domain, and/or persona, and spend a few hours seeing what I can dig up via angles most people do not even know exist. Create a report and BAM! Client knows how the World sees them, or their web site anyhow. Say, $75, or maybe $80 fixed price. Yeah, that is my kind of Work.

But, that is for Pay. Vibrational Wellness is for myself, and something that I intend to share with those who are interested.

Currently, I seem to be experimenting with the Solfeggio Frequecies. The Schumann Resonance is an easy one. It is pretty much 7.38 Hz and the base frequency of the Planet Earth. My iMRS mat is suppose to arrive on the 21st.

The intention of making some kind of Professional Practice of this “Vibrational Wellness” idea is gaining momentum. And, I find myself referring to it as my “New” Career.

Even though, my order for the Swiss Bionics iMRS mat has been screwed up somewhere and so still do not have my own, I have been using my friend Sandy’s one to great benefit. And, it looks like I might already have my first customer who is interested in buying one through me. That’s cool. I am also considering if I can rent them out profitably and safely.Even heard of a shop up in Canada that sells such things out of brick&mortar… might look into a business model for such a place here in Belliingham.

Anyhow, I am envisioning offering, like one hour Vibrational Wellness sessions for something like $75. The first 10 to 20 minutes would likely involve laying on the iMRS mat… maybe involve some crystals, and maybe a pendulum testing of the chakras to help determine direction for the session to go. I keep running into people who actively use “Muscle Testing” for direction, but, IDK, so far it hasn’t resonated for me. Also, sound/music has a big part to play in such a session. Reiki and Quantum Touch would fit as appropriate. Then, there are singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal pyramids, vocal toning, aromatherapy, color therapy, and just so many options possible. I am even exploring an interest in Gazing as Braco does. I am actively exploring the solfeggio frequencies, especially 528 Hz which is considered for the Heart Chakra, and for “Miracles”.

The fulcrum of Vibrational Wellness is the concepts of Resonance and Entrainment. Resonance is the idea that one item producing a given frequency invokes the same frequency (and harmonics) in another item. Entrainment is the idea that when Resonance has been occurring for a certain length of time, that things (say, like body cells) come into line, or line up, with that frequency (and it’s harmonics). Ideally this creates, or restores, a desirable balance and well-being. A “Wellness” where dis-ease and such just fall away as no longer having a “host” within to exist. Thus, I am little interested in treating an ailment, rather the focus is in restoring a natural balance that should be our daily situation. A big part of this seems to be the Schumann Resonance, or that of the Earth’s natural EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency).

I continue my Personal Transformation of shifting from left-brained to right-brained, from logic to intuition, from head to heart. Each day is focused on Flowing into Grace. And, being entertained by the constant stream of Synchronicities that come my Way.

Went to a Massage and Energy Workers Union meeting the other night. Out of 6 people, the only other one that wasn’t more traditional Massage, was an Acupuncturist. However, one of the Founders is going to be teaching classes at Whatcom Community College on Vibrational Healing for Massage Practitioners. I was able to get info on how I might teach classes through WCC, which has been on my to-do list. Also, another member was interested in my Web Consulting Services.

Which brings me to the Web SEO/Internet Marketing side of my business(es)… Seems to be increasing interest by people I run into on doing stuff for them. But, my heart really isn’t in it. I do not promote such work. I am willing to do it, because i like to help, and I have such a rare and overwhelming background in these matters. If I teach classes in these things (the Teach them to Fish rather than giving them a Fish thing, you know?), I kind of hope it could be a free form format, a bit like a Users Group or something. However, I expect WCC would want an “Authority” with “Credentials” and probably see a presentation of what the classes would contain. Afterall, I guess, they handle the promotion and marketing, in addition to the venue and resources, to make it happen. It is understandable that they would be concerned about ROI (Return On Investment. Another option has been suggested of renting space, such as at this Hand Reading business in town. Or, maybe one of the “churches” I go to. IDK.

Maybe a series of classes, and after the first one, if it isn’t going well, I could formalize the contents more. One reason I would like to leave it free form is to address Students direct concerns that is oriented to their actual websites, or intentions. The subjects are so huge that it is a shame to have to cram it into a little box, so to speak.

Other business operations persist, but, without much motivation. For example, I still maintain my eBay store, britedaybooksbiz, that I have had since June 1998. And, have plenty of items that could be listed. Another example is, I still believe “Producer” or “Publisher” is one of the best business models out there. I published Wayback Comics #1 on Amazon for Kindle years ago. But, turns out that comicbooks is a tough market on Amazon, especially when DC is clogging up the SEO with 99 cent downloads. However, I do have a project of taking my “My Brain In The Morning” posts on Pinterest, and making an eBook to be Published. Again, as I do not expect the ROI on it, it has little motivation, other than to complete an intentional project.

Anyhow, lots of business opportunities seem to be coming my way. None yet, would I say, have borne fruit, but, it would not take much. In some cases, I may very well end up rather wealthy. IDK. Doesn’t much matter, as long as I can stay a few rungs up on the Maslow Ladder, if you know what I mean. 😉

BTW, why do I not get more specific and have links to these many wonderful things I mention? Well, I will if I start seeing traffic coming to this website. As it is, I do not expect many besides myself to be reading this. Another BTW, you are making a big mistake if you judge what I can do for you by this website, you would be comparing “Kiwi and Watermelons”, as I like to say. I am not trying to promote this site, and my Internet Marketing portfolio of over 150 domains has been decommissioned and gone.

What I would do for you, would be customized to your particular situation and intentions. I would NOT be the typical flashy smoke and mirrors that fool you into thinking you are getting great web service, but, really is hollow and ineffective.

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