Web SEO and Internet Marketing

So, part of my business is suppose to be Web SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing (IM). My heart isn’t really in doing the work as Vibrational Wellness is my “New” career, so to speak. However, as I have over 12 intensive years of expertise, experience, and knowledge in the matter, it definitely is skills I can offer that are extremely powerful. Unfortunately, few Clients will understand how powerful, and I am little interested to “sell” them on the services.

However, I am thinking of offering classes or workshops where I can educate interested persons in what is involved, and help out some with what they want to do. IDK. I am looking for a proper venue. And, some essential resources would be good, like projector, spare laptops, WIFI (that would be a big one!)

And, as I tell people, the World of Internet Marketing is more like a Universe than a World, there is that much opportunity if a Client is interested in pursuing it.

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