No Free Trial. No Free Proposal.

LOL! Sorry. There are NO FREE getting to know each other offers from me. NO Free Trial. NO Free Proposal. Maybe a Free eBook someday.

Why? Because I can already tell you that your website and SEO efforts are crap, and/or, can be taken to a whole new level. So, I also know what the first few projects that will be required are. At the end of those, you will have a Monthly Client Report which includes suggested Projects which you can either invoke or ignore. Regardless, you will have information on work done, and baseline to current status on all important (or at least trackable) points. Whether you choose to continue with my services, or cancel, is up to you.

I think in terms of Systems, and Projects. And, Web SEO (or YouTube SEO is big too!) and Internet Marketing is not a one-shot, you are good to go, thing. It is dynamic. It takes an Expert to monitor and adjust over time. There are ALWAYS more Projects that can enhance and take things to a new level. I call the “World” of Internet Marketing a Universe, it is that vast in opportunities. And, you will be hard pressed to find the expertise I have aquired over the last 20+ years (first started using the Internet in 1992)

YOU (or your busness) is a System on the Internet. Your website is NOT an island. Google (and Google IS the Monopoly on Search Engines) is watching and judging everything it can find on you, your business, and the content expose to the World! Subjects like Reputation Management and Authority are vital these days. Social Media is important and just about everyone is doing Facebook. But, are your SEO efforts fully using Goggle Plus? Or, YouTube? These Google properties are becoming increasingly important, and almost nobody seems to realize it… yet!

Another reason I offer nothing for Free, is that Clients will typically come from and be accepted by “Word of Mouth” referrals. As I have been doing this stuff almost exclusively for my own business operations for the last 12+ years, there is little to point to and say, “Look at what I DID!”. It has been mostly decommissioned and is irrelevant anyhow. This will be changing in 2015, and I will make more effort to provide References from Clients, and Case Studies. If you need something for now, I point you to LinkedIn, where I have reconnected with a surprising amount of former co-workers and bosses. One guy was even on my First Systems Analysis and Design Project for Dr. Peavy of the P.E. department at Washington State University… 27 years ago! Another gave me a Letter of Reference, 23 years ago! Look for “Bryce Doster”. BTW, I cannot imagine one of those contacts who wouldn’t say glowing recommendations about me.

So, I am not looking to tweak your website. I am looking for Clients that want to and can utilize my Expertise. BTW, Web SEO and Internet Marketing is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what I offer as a Consultant. Yes, I have 12+ years of intense Internet Marketing experience, but, I also have 18+ years of intense Information Technology Career. At one point in time, I estimated that I was amongst the Most Highly Certified of the Microsoft Certified Professionals. I have had a lot of experience with the so-called, Microsoft Technology Stack. And, I have had significant experience with the so-called, Open-source Technology Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). And, WordPress, which is the hands-down standard for Search Engine Optimization.

One of my recent interests, which I would welcome Clients for, is Microsoft SharePoint Online, or Office 365. As of 2013, this powerful Enterprise Collaboration System, comes down into the hands of small and mid-size business. I doubt many such organizations have a clue. I can help.

Another reason, why NO FREEBIES is that I work cheap! I am more interested in getting the work done than getting rich. What you pay is negotiable, however, Best Practice of Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing is an ongoing process of monitoring, tweaking, and trying new ideas, and then monitoring some more to see what impact such efforts have had. So, ideally, I would either be your Webmaster, or work very closely with a cooperative Webmaster. Also, your involvement is required to get the fresh unique authoritative content that Google seeks and loves. Gone are the days of slapping up some static keyword rich web pages and ranking for the desirable keyword phrases. So, if you are serious about your business, you should have a marketing budget, and you should decide how much of that should be an Internet Marketing budget… and hopefully, THAT budget would be put into my hands for your benefit. We go month by month, so, if you don’t like what you see you are getting for your money, then just cancel my service, and I will do it for someone else. That simple. Up to you at all times.

So actually, I am a Solutions Expert (even had the job title of Solutions Engineer, referring to Microsoft Solutions Program, once upon a time!) and can assist with just about any I.T. needs your business might have. Also, have extensive software development experience. So, if we cannot find an “off the shelf” solution, it is always an option to build one. But, people seem to want and feel more comfortable with “Web SEO”, so we can keep it to that, if you wish.

Thank you for reading. I will outline that first typical month in another article on this site, if you are interested in becoming my Client.

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