What is Your Monthly Internet Marketing Budget?

Internet Marketing (IM),

of which Web SEO is a small part, takes constant effort. Someone has to make the effort if results are expected (or at least desired). I can do the work for you, or I can teach you to do it yourself (or maybe one of your Employees).

What would work best is for you

to have a Monthly Internet Marketing Budget. It is Marketing for a Business same as an ad in a magazine, or a billboard, or running a sweepstakes, and on and on with the many ways a Business finds affordable, and effective Marketing. Only we concern ourselves mostly with what the Internet has to offer (which is HUGE!). One of the most tempting IM techniques is Web SEO (Search Engine Optimization), although, YouTube SEO and Google Plus presence should definitely be included in the bag of tricks.

Thing is,

so what that you are on the Internet? Are you getting Traffic? Are eyeballs scanning your offerings? Are you getting click-through rates? How are your conversions in response to your Call-To-Action entry into your Sales Funnel?

If you don’t know what

any of that means, don’t worry. I can either teach you, or use these concepts on your behalf.

Regardless, if you are serious

about the Internet, most effort is going to require some effort on your part, and a willingness to cooperate with Initiatives and Projects.

With a Monthly Budget,

I have working funds to make effort on your behalf, up to what you are willing to pay. And, there is no ongoing contract, just month by month.

Think about it.

Don’t bother with the Old School Web Design outfits… they will sell you something pretty that plays up to your vanity. What I am offering is to be serious about your Internet Efforts.

Let’s talk!


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